Pittsburgh Exhalations Dance Theatre Presents The Choreography Project 2015

Pittsburgh Exhalations Dance Theatre Presents The Choreography Project 2015

By Stephanie Barchetti February 2, 2015

February 21st and 22nd, Exhalations Dance Theatre will ignite the stage of Kelly Strayhorn Theater with the company’s unified passion of dance. Presenting the third annual Choreography Project, and the first ever as a professional company, the Exhalations Dance Theatre brings together 25 dancers in a melting pot of talent and choreography.

Exhalations Dance Theatre lures the audience into the minds of their dancers. Inspired by unique experiences, the choreographers come together to merge these ideas resulting in a passionate, expressive production. The explosive, talented message of the dancers comes across through mostly contemporary choreography with one tap number.

The company is composed of young adults and students who are not currently practicing in the field of dance, however their passion for dance is still prominent in their lives. The passion that is brought to life on the stage will resonate with the dreams of the audience members, sending the message that your daily responsibilities should never hinder your passion. This love of dance began early with the Exhalations Dance Theatre members when they all started practicing at a very young age and continued throughout the years.

About Exhalations Dance Theatre: Pittsburgh’s first premier amateur dance company is composed of young adults and college students who have kept the passion of dance alive and thriving in their daily lives. Presenting bi-annual productions as a now professional company, Exhalations Dance Theatre is also in charge of Duquesne University’s Dance Theatre which puts on two productions a year as well. As a student organization, they have put on more than 20 productions. They are looking to expand as a professional company and add new dancers in the near future.

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