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Anastasia Markiw  |  Production Director


Anastasia Markiw is a Project Architect specializing in healthcare design for DesignGroup.


Anastasia found her passion for technical theatre in high school where she learned everything about lighting design and fell in love with the way lights can alter spaces and emotions.


Anastasia has been best friends with Katherine Mann since high school and was a part of the production team from Exhalations’ conception. Anastasia continues to be the lighting designer for Exhalations and Duquesne University Dance Theatre. 


Anastasia has extensive knowledge in stage management and set design from over a decade of work with high schools and their musical theatre programs. Anastasia was awarded a Gene Kelly in Best Lighting Design for Chartiers Valley High School’s Musical of “9 to 5” in 2013 and ”Les Miserables” in 2016. Anastasia has designed and programmed lights for various organizations including; University of Pittsburgh Medical School Scope and Scalpel, Southwest Ballet Company, Eden Christian Academy, Chatham University Theatre, University of Pittsburgh Theatre Arts, and Kyiv Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.  

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