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Choreographer Spotlight: Alyssa Bradley

choreographer talking to dancers
Alyssa Bradley setting work on Exhalations dancers at rehearsal

Having dedicated my life to anything creative and travel related. I am completely obsessed with art and movement. Everything I do is one or the other, if not both.

I spend half the year traveling with Showbiz National Talent dance competition as a videographer – the online live stream, that’s me!

If I’m not traveling with Showbiz, or at rehearsal for Exhalations, you’ll probably find me playing drums, flinging paint around a canvas, or making my own dance films.

The new year can be a great time to reflect, and that is exactly what Exhalations has provided for me with the theme of the upcoming concert ‘Equinox’. The concept of my piece pulls directly from the idea of an equinox happening to represent a change. The end of one and the beginning of another. My piece is in three different sections, which go through different parts of dealing with, realizing, and overcoming a personal internal struggle.

The first section of the piece is influenced by feelings of being lost and not being able to find what you’re looking for.

I pulled the movement style from the movement of the waves when the ocean is calm. When you stand in the ocean, the waves may seem calm, but the current underneath is constantly pushing you around.

When I feel lost, it feels like everything is calm but I am not in control.

The second part of the piece is the equinox. It is the realization that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. This section is focused more on the relationship between the dancers to tell the story. This is different from the first part which focused on the group dynamic to tell the story.

The third part of the piece is the complete opposite of the first part. What was lost is now found. The movement of this section is influenced by flying and the freedom of having the open air to move as you please under your own control.

My craziest dream is to be able to fly, so why not fly in this piece? After all, dancers don’t need wings to fly.

Also, the music for this part is by Foo Fighters because who doesn’t love a little Foo Fighters to jam out to?

I am thrilled to be starting the new year with new choreography for Exhalations! I love what this company does, and I am thankful that I can create with them.

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