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Kinetic Emotion : “Currents”

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

By: Lea Fosbenner, EDT Artistic Director, Choreographer & Company Dancer

My newest work entitled “Currents” is inspired from song lyrics from artist Jon Bellion.

“We live in an age where everything is staged, where all we do is fake our feelings, I’ve been scared to put myself so out there.”

The piece explores the façade that is projected in our social media conscious driven society today. What I felt was important to express in this piece is how sharing with your media following only things that you want them to see or know, can create this sense of an alternate life. Allowing the constant addition of filters does not allow people to truly know you, understand you, and see all aspects of you can drive this unnecessary need to perfection. Throughout the piece, the dancers go on a journey of power, insecurity, self-discovery, and in the end they are left with having to deal with the world we live in, how do we balance the impacts of social media and staying connected while staying open.

As the piece evolves so does the movement quality. There are many moments in the first movement that mimic very robotic gestures accompanied by walking patterns. These patterns are repeated throughout the dance and as the dance progresses the quality becomes more fluid.

There is a pas de deux between two dancers that represents a friendship and how that relationship changes during our time of high technology and low interaction.

The solo in the piece displays no matter how often we feel connected through technology we can still feel very alone.

We have become a society where more is better and we are always on the go, like the ocean current, we never really stop. To help show this, I incorporated ramps with dancers moving up and down them to throughout the piece. Overall, I hope my piece instills a sense of connection that sometimes can be lost in our technology driven world.

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