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Kinetic Emotion: Photography Through Time

By: Alyssa McIntyre, Company Dancer & Choreographer

This year, going along with the technology theme for the show, I wanted to portray photography and it’s seemingly limitless opportunities that we are headed to in the near future! I want to take the audience on a journey through the history of photography and how it has changed our lives within the last century. The first section of my dance focuses on flash photography. I will be using old vintage flash cameras as props and the dancers will portray the idea of how much work went into setting up just ONE single photograph. The second section will focus on instant photography, using Polaroid cameras. Photography took a big step forward when the Polaroid camera became available to us. A picture could be ready in minutes! Throughout this section, the dancers show how the instant photography process works and how fun it was to “shake shake shake” that Polaroid picture! The third section shows photography in its most recent form. With our phones! Everyone nowadays can be their own photographer. “Selfies” are the new portraits, gifs can be taken at the click of a button,and with the abundant amount of filters that can be placed on a photograph, you can look like a professional photographer in seconds. Combining two different art forms has been challenging but also eye opening for my choreography! I can not wait to see photography and dancing take the same stage in February!

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