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New Year, New Choreographer: Jake Casey

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Hi everyone! My name is Jake Casey, and I’m a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer.

I am so excited to be choreographing for Exhalations Dance Theatre. This is my first time working with the organization, and I can’t wait to create on these fantastic artists.

For the past seven years I have danced with the Cincinnati Ballet, Ballet Idaho, the National Vanemuine Theatre in Estonia, and mostly recently with The Metropolitan Opera.

I was featured as a Vegas Finalist on America’s Got Talent. Choreographically, I have been commissioned by: Cincinnati Ballet, San Jose Dance Theatre, Pulse Dance AK, Stalder(UK), and the Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company.

And, as an Educator, I have instructed at Universities and Institutions all over America and Europe. I love spreading my joy and love of movement, and helping young dancers find a new side of their artistry.

The piece I’m creating for the Exhalations’ production of “Equinox” deals with heightening emotions.

Happiness, Anger, Wonder, Fantasy, Love, and Longing. I hope to step inside a memory, or more appropriately, a snapshot. A glimpse into another time. A search for those emotions that all come flooding back. I hope to create an experience where the audience is reminded that we can learn a lot from the past. However, how we deal with those past emotions help to lay the foundation for the present and future.

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